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Fertility Naturally 

By Anchal Kapur

Programs designed to 

help you get pregnant!

Our Diet & Lifestyle solutions will put an end to your fertility struggles. We are all the creation of Mother Nature. Embracing her natural gifts (Sky, Air, Sun, Water & Earth) simplifies the natural process of conception. Stop worrying, learn & execute through our courses to transform your fertility journey from failure to success!

Know Your Coach

Anchal Kapur 

Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine Coach, Hippocrates Health Institute, US
Fertility Coach, Self-Infertility Triumphant

Anchal Kapur is a Fertility Wellness Coach. In 2014-2015 when she was 32 years old, she struggled with infertility. She had been married for 5-6 years. Her AMH was low at 0.38 & egg quality was poor. She had reached early menopause. She had a 3-month deadline to conceive on her own, else she was to be ‘rushed’ for IVF. Amidst this panic situation, she came across Nature Cure.

It is a highly empowering healing modality. She began following it & soon overcame infertility. She conceived naturally in June 2015. Since then she has been passionately helping women, men & couples who are in the same boat. Through Fertility Naturally programs her aim is to -
1. Empower people with the knowledge of the body's self-healing powers and
2. Guide them to overcome their fertility issues & improve their fertility by obeying the Laws of Nature.


Do you have any questions on how Fertility Naturally can help you? Feel free to mail us on and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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