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Personalised Fertility Diet & Lifestyle guidance for couples trying to conceive.  
(ONLY 15 seats available per month)

Get the positive pregnancy test you have been dreaming of!

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About the course

Are you planning to have a baby? If yes, this program is for you!

  • Overcome women's fertility issues such as PCOS, Poor Egg Quality, Low AMH, Hormonal Imbalance, Recurrent Miscarriages, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Cysts, Advanced Age, Secondary Infertility.
  • Overcome men’s fertility issues such as Poor Sperm quality, Poor Sperm Count or Morphology.
  • Overcome history of failed IUI / IVF.
  • Conceive Consciously - Prepare your body for healthy conception. Maximize your chances of natural conception by nurturing healthy eggs and sperms.

Regain peak fertility with a fertility enhancing diet and lifestyle!

Based on the 5 elements of nature (Pancha Mahabhoota):

Sky, Air, Sun, Water, and Earth


Analysis of fertility reports
 & general health reports, additional tests will be suggested if necessary.

An in-depth examination of one's present dietary habits and lifestyle choices.

Customised weekly fertility action plans comprising diet, lifestyle, & therapies.

Fertility boosting food menu plan & nutritious yet tasty recipes.

Fortnightly video consultation sessions (conducted via Google Meet, based on mutually convenient time).

 WhatsApp support Monday to Saturday from 10:00am - 6:00pm.

Know more about me

 Anchal Kapur,

Fertility Coach

I am a Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine Coach from Hippocrates Health Institute, US & a Nature Cure Health Coach from the International Institute of Mahayoga & Natural Hygiene, US.

I struggled with infertility in 2014. I had hormonal imbalance, low AMH, poor egg quality & was suggested to go for IVF. Adopting a Natural Lifestyle helped me reverse these issues without medicines and conceive naturally in 2015. 

Since then I have been helping fellow women boost fertility naturally by adhering to Natural Laws. Over the last 7 years I have touched the lives of 5,000+ women.

Success Stories

Charu Shandilya, 33 years, Chandigarh
Unexplained infertility, hypothyroid, recurrent UTI, cysts

Sapna Meisheri, 35 years, Mumbai
Recurrent miscarriages, chemical pregnancies, thin endometrium lining, failed IUI / IVFs

Neha Anand, 36 years, Faridabad
Unexplained infertility & advanced age

Priyanka Baheti, 34 years
PCOS since teenage

Rashmeet Kaur & Jasmeet Singh Hora, 27 & 32 years, Indore

 Struggling to conceive

Ankisha Patni, 35 years, Kolkata Recurrent miscarriages, chemical pregnancies, thin endometrium lining, failed IUI / IVFs




– Most Popular –

Couple Coaching

Both Wife & Husband Enroll

INR 12,400

Woman’s Coaching

Only Wife Enrolls    

INR 7,200

Couple Coaching

Both Wife & Husband Enroll - If you enroll for one month at a time

INR 7,200  

Woman’s Coaching

Only Wife Enrolls - If you enroll for one month at a time

INR 4,500

If you have any questions before joining the program, then write to me at 
OR Register for a FREE 15-minute Discovery Call with me HERE.


Disclaimer: The information in this program is for general information purposes and nothing contained in it is or is intended to be construed as a substitute for medical attention, treatment, examination, advice, treatment of existing conditions, or diagnosis. It is not intended to provide a clinical diagnosis nor take the place of proper medical advice from a fully qualified medical practitioner.


Will this program help me conceive?

This program is tailored to increase chances of conceiving through a natural diet, lifestyle, and therapies. Everything you need to know & do, you will learn in these 2 months. It will supercharge your fertility to get pregnant naturally over the next 3-6 months, except in case of congenital, surgical or structural issues in the reproductive system. Also this program is not suitable for you if you have diabetes, are under severe pain issues, or are suffering from any serious health issues currently.

I am undergoing IUI / IVF. Will this program be useful for me?

It may be helpful. For best results, a 3-month gap between starting this program & going for IUI / IVF is suggested.

What actions will I be required to take in the program?

You will be required to change your diet & lifestyle to align with the body’s natural circadian rhythm. Guidance will be given on sleep, exercise, diet and therapies. You will also implement techniques to create a fertile mindset. Don’t worry, I will guide you through weekly action plans in a step-by-step manner to implement these changes gradually.

I am a working professional with a hectic schedule. Will I be able to follow your plans?

Yes. I will give you ideas on integrating my plans with your schedule.  

My husband’s semen analysis reports are ok. Does he need to join me or can I register just for myself?

If you have been struggling to conceive, I suggest both of you join. Aim is to have the best quality of egg and sperm to maximise chances of conception. Also, I have experienced women follow the plans better when the husband also enrolls.  

Can I call you anytime during the program if I have doubts?

You will have fortnightly video sessions with me. Additionally, I will be available Monday-Saturday 10 am - 6 pm on WhatsApp messages. I will answer your queries within 24 hours. 
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